Ewing Piano Services

  My name is Evan Ewing, and I am a piano technician working in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area. I served an apprenticeship under the guidance of my father, George Ewing, who ran a successful piano service business on Cape Cod for over thirty years. When he retired in 1995, I inherited his tools and his clientele. I am an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild.
   Happily, I am the caretaker for many pianos in such institutions as schools, performance venues and places of worship. I take particular pride, though, in tending to the family piano, often a smaller, more modest instrument that serves as the practice instrument for one or more young music students. My aim is to optimize the musical experience for them, hoping to help inspire them to sit down often and enjoy playing. It can be deeply rewarding for children to learn about how music works, and to discover and expand upon their own capabilities. A good-sounding instrument increases the likelihood they’ll voluntarily return again and again to make music. When I service a piano that gets played by a child, I feel I’m a piano technician to the stars, because, as is well known, all children are stars.
   My work is all about improving and maintaining the sound and playability of pianos. If you own a piano or are considering buying one, please contact me with any questions you may have regarding its care, or to make an appointment for a tuning, evaluation, or any other type of piano house call.