Many moving parts are involved in producing sound from a piano. These parts require periodic adjustment to maintain the instrument's responsiveness to the player. The sensitive relationships among piano components undergo changes as felt and wooden parts react to repeated stress and changes in humidity. If your piano doesn't seem to feel as it once did, or respond in the same ways, your piano is due for the adjustment process called regulation.
   Pianos used on concert stages receive full regulation frequently, as much depends on the exquisite playability of such instruments. Concert pianists  often have very specific desires as to a piano's touch response and sound, and the concert technician must strive to accommodate those needs. But there are several levels of regulation work available to the home pianist which could result in great improvement, depending on the piano's overall condition, and the owner’s budget. If you have concerns about your piano's playability, please ask me to inspect the instrument and advise you of  options for improvement through regulation.