Within my service area, pianos undergo the drastic changes in relative humidity that come with seasonal temperature changes. Without some form of climate control, hundreds of piano parts swell and shrink repeatedly. This will eventually result in compromised tuning stability and deterioration of glue joints, which can decrease musical usefulness and monetary value.
   There is an effective solution to this problem. I am an authorized installer for the Piano Life Saver System, a method of climate control focused directly on the piano itself. This system is attached to the instrument, and maintains a steady relative humidity at the soundboard. This results in much better tuning stability, and when I perform routine service on such a piano, I am able to fine-tune it with greater finesse. And, your piano’s mechanical and musical integrity will have a much longer lifespan.
   Please let me know if you would like to discuss protecting your investment in a piano with this system. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website using the link below for more information and testimonials. You will find me listed there as an authorized installer.