I have heard the following words coming from the mouths of piano owners:

Some notes don’t seem to work right.
Some keys don’t make any sound.
One of the little things fell off.
One note rings out too long.
One note only plays once in a while.
The right pedal doesn’t do anything anymore.
There is an annoying squeak sometimes.
One key doesn’t come back up.
A couple of strings seem to be missing.
Is it supposed to make that noise?

   I carry with me all tools, parts and supplies required for the most common little ailments and injuries that can strike a piano, especially one of advanced age. My primary aim is generally to tune each of a piano's 88 notes. If less than that number of notes actually play, my first instinct is to open the instrument and make necessary repairs, without an additional visit, if time allows.
   If you are booking a tuning, please let me know if there are additional concerns regarding your piano's condition, so I can allow time for diagnosis and possible correction. My mission is always to bring each piano to the best possible state of health, given its age, service history, design, and of course, the client’s budget.